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About Us

Restoring good health and optimizing wellness is now possible with the certified range of products offered by Padmanabha Enterprises. As a manufacturer of various Herbal & Ayurvedic Products, we ensure we offer products formulated using precise methods and techniques. We also check that our range has many active ingredients found in plants, which are carefully sourced and tested at labs before they find way to our manufacturing unit.

We have qualified wellness experts who know individual advantages and health benefits offered by various medicinal herbs and how they act on different systems of our body. With their support, we only sell genuine quality Herbal Juice, Aloe Vera Gel, Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil, etc., at highly cost-effective rates. We also offer negotiable deals on Water Geyser, Mobile Anti Radiation Chip, Gas Safety Device, Scalar Energy Pendant and many other products, as an industry leading wholesaler and trader.

Our Ethics

One cannot assume that if a medicine is labelled as herbal, natural, organic or Ayurvedic, it is absolutely safe to consume and free of side effects. Many manufacturers and sellers who are not conscientious enough often sell products that are manufactured using incorrect techniques or raw inputs. Such products do more harm then good; sometimes even causing debilitating side effects. Unlike others, we sell products that are formulated using research-based ingredients by qualified experts. We even go further and test each pack or bottle that we sell to make sure that our formulae are effective and never interact in harmful ways under any condition. Therefore, we are known to supply a range that is often demanded in bulk by health food stores, Ayurvedic product retailers, pharmacies, etc. 

Why Choose Us?

One need not be conscious while buying our products as we are already a reputable name in the industry dealing in products like Herbal Juice, Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil, Water Geyser, Gas Safety Device, etc. Staying true to our ethical practices and quality principles, we offer products that are valued by our buyers for the following:

  • Health benefiting products featuring perfect composition & purity
  • Aloe Vera Gel featuring optimum purity, effectiveness and good consistency
  • Electronic appliances and other products featuring long service life, robust construction and reliable performance
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